Web Page Copy Secrets – 3 Strong Tips For Marketing Articles Online

The strongest web page copy secrets you can receive revolve around scientifically determining or finding your intriguingly informative topic, while using a keyword phrase that has highly specific plus well targeted demand. This task remains much easier said than done because there is much confusion surrounding its technique.

The primary fallacy is this — the more people who search for your phrase, the better targeted your article will be. Sounds good; however, the realities connected with this keyword selection methodology are much more complex and sensitive than they might first appear.

Article writing tips from the greatest “content generation gurus” in the world often leave out the tiny web-page-copy details that transform article marketing from a futile battle into an endeavor well worth its SEO consideration. For instance, suppose the key phrase for your article topic is “hottest fashion trends.”

For maximum success with your article on this topic, you must carefully consider three things, in ADVANCE of your execution:

1. Whether or not you are choosing the free article marketing method as your primary advertising vehicle…

2. The full and complete picture of the search engine optimization results and other related details of your chosen keyword phrase…

3. Does the phrase itself comprise a highly natural, smooth-sounding, plus sensible, intriguing, and motivating caption in itself?

As for web page copy concept number one above, when article marketing comprises your primary advertising medium, then your keyword phrase must be chosen in light of this fact with highly complementary style. For example, a current search on your phrase “hottest fashion trends” reveals that 32,900,000 other web authors and entrepreneurs are competing with you for nearly any or every possible broad match of these three words.

Thus, one thing that you can do to narrow down your outstandingly massive competition AND also to place your authorship, message, and your specific article in the high-presence locale of Google top-10 searches… is to use an exact-phrase matching strategy. Even this seemingly minor web page copy alteration can immediately cut your direct competitors down to only 6.14 million, rather than the previous 32.9 million.

Even better yet, however, one of the most effective “insider” article writing tips for accomplishing and mastering this maneuver is as follows. Focus your keyword phrase research and your resulting article content around ONLY the “in-title” search results for your keyword topic phrase.

In that way, your new direct competition number instantly drops to a mere 29,800 fellow advertisers. As you can see, article marketing is about performing accurate and crucial research in advance of your actual article writing performance tasks.

The advantage you get from this web-page-copy tip is that you can ascertain helpful facts like, for your key-phrase “hottest fashion trends,” you only have to focus on 29 thousand rather than the 6 million direct, much less the entire 32 million overall competitors. You also can see that there are approximately 2,400 visitors per month going over to the search engines looking for your topic.

With due diligence, your article can hit page one and number one Google search engine results, which by the way, happens to give you nearly 50% guaranteed impressions from all the eyes who come to that position for your keyword. This is why online entrepreneurs are willing to battle for number one web page copy positions.

In effect, getting your article about “hottest fashion trends” into that number one position provides you with approximately 1,200 monthly visitors, just from this one article alone.

From all of your advance keyword SEO research, since you already see how the fashion market currently stands, an even better way to grab more readers is to talk about an exact or specific occurrence of a particular fashion instance, like “ladies summer shoes,” for example. You can easily accomplish this now because, with “ladies summer shoes,” you are still capturing your comprehensive target market of hottest fashion trends, while simultaneously plus instantly whittling down your web page copy competition to only 54 other businesses who are featuring that exact phrase within the title of their SEO campaigns.

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Empowering Women With Network Marketing

Network marketing has always been thought of as the vehicle to Success in the business world. Built on the foundation of selling to family and friends, this vehicle has taken the average person and turned them into a savvy business owner and leader. What about Women? Many women have been empowered by Network marketing and women have a huge role in the success of network marketing companies. How so? Consider this:

1. Run a business that can be run from within the home, allowing women the ability to raise their children and bring in a substantial income. They are working from home and spending time doing things they enjoy.
2. Start on a part-time basis and worked to a full time income.
3. Allows women the freedom and independence that they could never have while working in a corporate setting.
4. Builds self confidence allowing women to meet new people and create new friendships.
5. Start with a small investment and turn into a long term source of income.
6. Allows for low overheads, versatility, flexibility, personal growth and fulfillment.

These are just a few of the benefits to women who are involved with direct selling companies. These are companies that are involved with direct selling by means of home shows, showcases or party plans. The 20th century saw great advances for women but many are still not in top positions at their places of employment. However, women are outranking men and pulling some very hefty incomes with in direct sells. They are running their businesses their way and working their own hours. This gives them that freedom as mentioned earlier to do things that they would normally never do.

Network marketing is the one true vehicle for women that can change their lives. They can improve their self image and their self confidence and they are creating their realities. This is truly a people business and with persistence and hard work, you can have unlimited opportunities for success. If you are a woman, and you are looking into starting a business for whatever reason, I encourage you to try network marketing. I encourage you to take control of your life, your finances and your dreams and see them all improve and come true with a network marketing business.

Marketing Using Mobile Phones Can Be Cheaper Than Direct Mail

Seven out of ten people in the UK use mobile (cell) phones, and the number is rising; we believe it is even more in some other countries. Three quarters of the users send and receive texts. The technologies for marketing by mobile are developing quickly, so keep checking out the Internet for updates.

‘Texting’ is the common word for SMS, or Short Message Service. We missed a trick when entrepreneurs were selling ring tones. We didn’t want extra ring tones and extrapolated our thoughts to other potential consumers. Of course, we didn’t ask them what they wanted; the people who did ask them cleaned up, and we missed an opportunity because we assumed and didn’t research and test!

Mobile phones are big business. We’re telling you this because, especially if you’re a business that’s been run along more traditional lines, you might just dismiss the whole idea: we would like you to consider SMS marketing as part of your strategy.

If you’re not yet sure about the emerging technologies that you could use with mobile phones such as 3G, Bluetooth, GPRS, MMS, WAP and EMS, then stick to texting for now. Done well, texting can bring back a response of up to 15%, which is higher than for most direct mail campaigns. Follow the same rules of etiquette that you would for email or letter marketing. If someone doesn’t want to hear from you, honour their wish to be removed immediately, even if you find a loophole that allows you to text without their permission. You can use texts to alert people of offers, to send them to a sales site, or to send them a tip of the day (which you charge them for).

Keep your messages short, both for readers’ convenience and for your pocket. A message can be up to 160 characters long, so if you send 165, they’ll arrive as an unfinished text and then an update, and you get charged twice. Special characters such as punctuation (yes, it’s special!) and emoticons (smilies, etc) can take up more than one allowed character.

As you would check who’s receiving a direct mail letter (for example, one about your conservatories would be a waste of money if delivered to areas where there are a lot of flats or rental houses), check who’s got the phones you’re texting to.

You’ll find it easier to use companies to buy lists from (rather than compile them yourself) and also to use an SMS broadcast provider to send the messages for you, and to track the responses. See 12Snap and Fast SMS as examples, but also do a search on with terms like ‘SMS lists [your country]‘ and ‘SMS broadcast provider’.

E-Marketing, Appointment-Scheduling Software a Perfect Pairing to Boost Customer Interaction

As the Internet has become more important in our daily lives, so, too, has the need for effective e-marketing campaigns. Businesses and organizations in-tuned to their customers’ preferences and habits quickly learn the necessity of communicating with them over the Web. Newspaper ads, television and radio commercials, printed newsletters, and mailed coupons simply don’t have the same effect they previously had, as more and more individuals rely on electronic communication to receive news and information.

With this shift came the need for technical know-how in properly communicating information to customers in this new medium. For those with little or no computer and graphic-design skills, this task proved daunting. How could a small business owner or organization executive with limited knowledge of creating electronic newsletters or sending a mass e-mail possibly accomplish this?

One of the assumed outcomes of innovation is to make tasks easier for everyone, and software service providers such as Constant Contact, iContact and Vertical Response developed programs that allow even the most novice Internet user to easily and quickly develop informative and visually-appealing newsletters and other online publications to send to customers and prospects.

In addition to providing updates, upcoming announcements, specials and other information, these e-marketing pieces offer a great avenue for promoting Web-based appointment scheduling at the business or organization. When used together, e-marketing newsletters and appointment-scheduling software can have a tremendous impact on operations.


E-marketing is a natural fit for businesses and organizations that utilize Web-based appointment-scheduling programs. Most software applications store most, if not all, customer information, including e-mail addresses, in one centralized location. This makes it easy to export the information to use in e-marketing campaigns and eliminates the need to gather this information from multiple files or sources.

Most businesses and organizations send their newsletters to an accurate list of current, former and/or prospective customers. And there’s a good chance that many of these individuals anticipate receiving these and actually read the content. This makes electronic newsletters the perfect forum for announcing and marketing scheduling software used at the business or organization, especially if the goal is to drive more customers to book their appointment and reservations online.

Specific reasons to consider adding a scheduler button on a company or organization newsletter include:

• Direct scheduling. A newsletter may include discounts, specials, events or other items that require a customer to book an appointment or reservation. The addition of a scheduler link that sends him or her to the scheduler page can dramatically increase the number of appointments or reservations.

• Convenience. Make it easy for customers to schedule their appointments right from the newsletter, instead of having them open a new browser window and going to a company Web site or typing in a scheduler’s URL to access it.

• Promotion. Some customers may not be aware that a business or organization offers online scheduling. A newsletter is a great way to announce this.

• Captured audience. A key to successful communication is addressing the correct audience. All individuals who receive the newsletter are either customers or those familiar with the business or organization.

• Cost effectiveness. Prices vary among e-marketing newsletter providers, but most generally offer low-cost packages for sending out bulk e-mail. An e-newsletter is much cheaper to send than a print newsletter through the mail is.

• Ease of including it. Adding a button and link back to a scheduling software page is relatively simply (as the below section explains).


As mentioned above, e-marketing and newsletter providers have made it easy for users to customize the look and feel of their mailings. In many instances, creating the document is almost the same as developing a similar piece in Microsoft Word, Publisher or other popular software programs. Most provide easy-to-follow instructions on how to embed an image-such as a scheduler button or banner in the newsletter, as well as an accompanying link. As items can sometimes become lost in a newsletter, especially in ones with heavy copy, consider a button or banner that stands out from the surrounding writing and formatting so it easily captures readers’ eyes. Some appointment scheduling software providers offers clients a choice of buttons to choose from.

Once a customer or subscriber clicks on the button, it will directly send him or her to the scheduling page. The process is simple and easy to set up, and individuals will appreciate the convenience of a direct connection to your scheduler.

As Internet applications increase and encompass more and more of our daily activities, many are finding ways of combining multiple services to improve the way they communicate and interact with customers, clients and peers. Offering online scheduling through a newsletter or other e-marketing piece sounds simple, and it is; however, this small inclusion can dramatically increase the number of clientele who become familiar with online booking software and use it to schedule their appointments and reservations.